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Assenty gives you:

  • an easy way to ask and instantly answer questions at events
  • a search and social media-friendly online Question Board


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Assenty Gets You Answered

It's time for the highly anticipated Q&A session at your event.

Rather than frantically passing a microphone around the room to get questions from your audience, you could use Assenty.

Everyone can see each question posted to your online Question Board and vote for the ones they want answered.

As event organiser, you get to reward the best questions with Gold, Silver or Bronze status badges that look great on social media.

You also get a permanent link to your Question Board that works hard as a search engine-friendly SEO archive of your event.

Did we mention that you can also answer questions submitted to your Question Board? The answers show up straight away.

Get started and get a Question Board by registering your event for free.

How does it work?

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How Assenty works
in 3 easy steps

Assenty solves the problem of easily getting questions from an audience.

1. Register your event

Enter your event details and get a link to your question board.

Assenty is designed to be social: invite questions by sharing the link to your question board. Answer them as they come in.

2. Vote on questions in real time

Everyone else is asking; check out the questions and make your choice. It's free to post questions.

Assenty is for audience-voting. You can vote for questions as they arrive.

3. Share your status badge!

You scored Gold for daring to ask *that* question?! Share your status badge wherever, on Facebook, Twitter, or embedded on your website or blog.

Assenty empowers you to get visible recognition for making valuable contributions at events.

Is your hand up?
Get posting

You don't need to put your hand up to ask. Use Assenty and watch the votes fly in. It's free!

Have an event?
Let us know

You can use Assenty if your event is live. We just need a few details to create your Question Board.

Still have

Learn more about Assenty by reading our Frequently Asked Questions.


Assenty pricing is simple.

It's free to add your first event but after that it costs £1 per event.
That's it!

Get started and get your first Question Board

You may also want to read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Moderation and our community

Assenty is a Q&A web service. We also have a mobile app in the works.
Event organisers register their event on to get a Question Board which their audience can post questions to, and use the online dashboard provided to answer and reward those questions.
Your audience's content and opinion is valuable and deserves a home on the web.
Assenty aims to be the best resource for finding questions and answers asked at events.
We do have an Acceptable Use Policy and ask all users to abide by it.

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